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Meandering About Poetry

Meandering About Poetry

written by: Claude Seguy


Poetry, poetry, you are so capricious;
Entwining sentences, rhyming or not the words.
Inviting characters to your poetic world,
Crafting sentences, words to be harmonious.

Poets are musicians, sculpting the melodies,
Their music rises from the cadence of the verse,
Modulations that are harmonious and diverse,
They speak of successes and describe tragedies.

Any subject is game to create the stories.
Nature often offers them much inspiration;
Like flora and fauna, dreams, imagination,
Emotions, illusions, gods of mythologies.

Within their entourage, when love dominated,
Tenacious endearments could produce afflictions.
The more tumultuous, stronger the emotions,
As history and myth sadly illustrated.

Many heroes of the domain of poetry
Have etched their glorious names in the marble of time,
Celebrating their age with the skill of their rime
Since time immemorial, roaming the centuries.

Sparked by Zeus’s daughters, Erato, Kalliope
And sister Euterpe, the bard conceptualized
Boundless allegories, phrases were verbalized,
Accompanied often with viola or calliope.

From the dawn of wisdom, man was longing to share
Many daily events, expressing opinions,
Using art, talent, and great imagination
To entertain their world with their poetic fare.

When words were created, speech let communicate.
The ideas were expressed for better or for worse.
Geniuses are blessed but can endure a curse.
As unfortunate souls wistfully illustrate.

How many have died from their own volition?
The victims of sorrow, depression, and despair,
Many were overwhelmed, without a prayer,
With drugs dependency, alcohol addiction.

These tragic conclusions have dispossessed the world
Of the beauty of dreams, they so finely expressed.
But remains a spirit that cannot be suppressed,
Nor confined with the dead in the dark underworld.

Poetry, poetry, you are so beauteous.

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