Nature Symphony, a poem written by Claude Seguy at
Crawford Ifland

Nature Symphony

Nature Symphony

written by: Claude Seguy


It is a good morning when the sun is shining,
When fresh scents fill the air, under a clear blue sky
When in the blooming trees, pretty birds are singing.
And when spring is bidding winter days a goodbye.

Indeed, all living things experience a rebirth,
Euphoria fills the hearts beaming with happiness.
Nature embraces life on the generous earth,
Mother of all creatures, fragrant breezes caress.

Last, when the golden sphere sinks in the horizon,
At the time the twilight, softly dims the landscape,
Creatures quietly drowse in nature communion
Fauna and greenery into a haze are draped.

Erebus awakened spreads darkness like a shroud.
In the mysterious sky, frivolous stars flicker.
Hypnos scatters the dreams upon the sleeping crowd,
Selene spreads the dew turning grass glossier

In the tenebrous blue, twinkle the glowing stars,
Seraphs strumming their lyres sing hymns to the azure.
The chorus of crickets, chirping their repertoire,
Joins the trills of the toads all scattered in nature,

The noisy crickets chirp to join in the concert,
Filling the silent night with divine symphony.
Playing with the angels the anthems of the earth,
In a fervent prayer of love and unity.

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