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Aryn Elliott

I’ve Climbed Mountains

I’ve Climbed Mountains

written by: Lindsay Soberano Wilson


I’ve climbed mountains no one can see
gotten back up with scraped knees
fallen off a few cliffs, walked over the cliff
and even had others throw me from the cliff
But staying in that struggle
is not where my heart wants to go…
as I hurl the dead weight over the ledge

Because now it’s time to let go
and release all that I’ve buried
Sail off into the sunset
we all deserve it — the view that is
from the top of the mountain
at sunrise or sunset

Have you ever witnessed such grace
when the sunlight hits your face?

Those orange sherbet blast sunrises
live inside of me now
because they set there
from Santorini to Pesaro
from Jerusalem to Mount Masada
from Mount Sinai to the Pyramids of Giza
all the way through the Samaria Gorge
to end up by the Libyan sea

I’ve climbed mountains no one can see
but why is it that no one reminded me
just how sweet the descent can be
when you set yourself free.

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