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The Modern Warrior

The Modern Warrior

written by: Darren Kohl



The warrior awakens in the comfort of peace,
the threat of attack in the night has decreased.
For man no longer sleeps in the great outdoors,
he’s protected from climates, creatures, and wars.

The warrior prepares for the battles ahead.
His tribe of soldiers are prepared to be led.
The objectives and tasks are discussed and assigned.
No blood shall be shed in these battles of the mind.

The warrior is struggling, to understand the Why.
Some days he’s unstoppable, at times he won’t try.
His tasks seem more complex than hunting and gathering,
he watches labourers smile while drilling and hammering

The warrior is confused, is this all that life is?
Working long hours for material goods to call his?
When did this lifestyle become the role of the man?
Is being locked inside for meetings and emails The Plan?

The warrior has lost touch with primal sisters and brothers,
he no longer acts solely for the protection of others.
There is no sense of tribe in his life that remains,
it’s now a war for survival through a battle of brains.

The warrior is hopeful that he is not the only one.
He feels there are more than these battles to be won.
There is an opportunity to grow, in both strength and skill.
A true warrior, he’ll find The Way through power of Will.

The warrior will become what he was destined to be.
He will reconnect with the environment: air, earth and sea.
He will inspire his tribe to care for everyone’s needs;
starting a generation of warriors by planting first seeds.

The warrior is balanced, in family, work, and play.
He is able to chase his feelings of confusion away.
The warrior is a fighter, a friend, and a lover.
A life worth living is now his to discover.

Darren Kohl

Darren Kohl

Darren is a father, partner, and sales professional. He is also a co-founder and writer for a blog called Contemplations, which shares thoughts, advice, and reflections on Personal Growth & Practical Philosophy, Professional Development & Career Advice, and Parenting & Relationships.
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