Tribute To A New Martyr by Sofia Kioroglou at

Tribute To A New Martyr

Tribute to a New Martyr

Our Holy Father Philoumenos of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre

written by: Sofia Kioroglou


Martyred at Jacob’s Well, 16/29 November, 1979


Dispeller of the powers of evil

You vanquished the serpent

Well done thou good and faithful servant

Because you have been faithful over little things


At the hands of your extremist assailants,

You suffered a martyred death, tortured and massacred

You have inherited the Earth and reigned in the heavens

Amongst the elders offering incense before the throne of the Lamb

Sofia Kioroglou

Sofia Kioroglou

Sofia Kioroglou is an Athens-based translator and English Teacher. She is a published author and poet that uses words to make an impact. Writing is a form of catharsis and a means of self-discovery as the subject-matter of her work is mainly spiritual and religious. She has two books forthcoming for next year. Among her published works are: Literary Journeys to the Holy Land by Gramma Books (2018), Mystical Experiences in the Holy Land by Gramma Books (2019), Mystical Experiences in the Holy Land - Installment II by Yaffo Publications (2019), Holy Land - The Journal of a Traveler by Yaffo Publications.
Sofia Kioroglou

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