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written by: Darren Kohl



Hearing silence,
wondering why.
Seconds pass,
days crawl by.

Lack of answers,
Nothing to say.
Feeling discouraged,
Hope fades away.

Feeling weaker,
Must stay strong.
Fear consumes me.
Taking too long.

Enough complaining,
It’s not The Way.
Find your discipline,
And do not stray.

Control your perception,
Occupy your mind.
Optimize the wait.
Don’t fall behind.

Recognize your effort,
You’ve done all you can.
Maintain composure.
Stick to the plan.

Things will conclude.
When the time is right.
Fear turns to contentment.
Dark turns to light.

The waiting is over.
You’re feeling relieved
Discipline is freedom.
Patience is achieved.

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