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Sun Shadow

written by: Peter Rimmer


I am the sun,
And I am the light,
I cast shadow,
I disperse the night,
I do not know the night,
It retreats from my shining face,
Te Marama the moon,
Sister silver face,
Rules that place,
Lights the night with subtle shine,
She is the feminine,
Sister silver face,
She is grace,
She has more grace,
Than I will ever know.

Peter Rimmer

Peter Rimmer

I am Peter Rimmer, a poet who resides in Auckland New Zealand, I regularly participate in Poetry recitals reading new works, I am also the Poet in the Wordcore (a genre specific to Auckland NZ of Poets collaborating with musicians) band, The Cowboy Gangstas. I thank all who are kind enough to read and maybe like my work.
Peter Rimmer

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