Warrior's Prayer, a poem written by Brad Osborne at Spillwords.com

Warrior’s Prayer

Warrior’s Prayer

written by: Brad Osborne


Oh, mercy lay your hands on me
A wretched soul not yet set free
Proud soldier with unbent knee
A good death is all I beg of thee

In harm’s way may I stand strong
The hero in an unsung song
Good fight fought for far too long
Cover all my earthly wrong

Please give to me what I am due
Honored like the Spartan few
Goodness breathe in me anew
The flawed man ne’er given view

Let proudly given my life pass by
To stop another’s harkened cry
To shield them from death ever nigh
For this life to sacrifice have I

Spare me the fate of languished dead
A glorious death now all but fled
Any hope of honor with my life shed
Not given those who pass in bed

Let me leave while giving all
Unafraid and standing tall
By the sword grant thee I fall
Some hope to make my life less small

A flaccid dying, naught else is worse
If that be me, then fate I curse
I fought good fight yet won no purse
Justice denied and glory dispersed

Oh, mercy lay your hands on me
A sacrifice can span eternity
Securing all that is best in me
A good death is all I beg of thee

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