Interview Q&A with Maciej Pająk (Matthew), a writer at

Interview Q&A With Maciej Pająk

Interview Q&A with Maciej Pająk


We offer our first and exclusive Q&A Interview with Maciej Pająk, a writer whose literary works have been featured on our Spillwords pages as well as being Author of the Month of November 2021.


  1. What does it mean to be selected as Author of The Month?

It is a great honor and joy at the same time. Being distinguished among so many talented writers is a great matter. I live in a medium-size town – Ostrów Wielkopolski in Poland and after receiving information about this award – I am getting a lot of congratulations from its supportive inhabitants. I highly appreciate that situation and thank you for your votes.

  1. How have your friends and/or family influenced your writing?

As for the family, my hard-working dad supported the release of my first poetry volume and my cousin Anna constantly encouraged me to publish in English. My sister Karolina supported my actions spiritually. When it comes to friends, we devote ourselves to good energy and motivation to creative activities. I also want to mention some people who helped in the publication of the second volume: Michał Jackowski and his DSK Legal company, Jerzy Odalanowski, Jędrzej Zawodny – I am really grateful guys!

  1. What inspires you to write?

When it comes to the sources of inspiration – they are diverse. Firstly, I carefully observe the reality that surrounds us. Nature, human interactions, intellectual views – are hugely essential. Also, the current and historical events are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It is also worth travelling, not only in a geographical way but also “inside yourself.” So just keep looking!

Secondly, I draw inspiration from other fields of art such as literature, painting, music, films, and sculpture. For example – the poem For Captain Ahab, which you may find on Spillwords, was inspired by classical literature. I am also a social person. I try to surround myself with positive people – their energy, smiles, motivating words are amazing catalysts for creativity.

  1. What was your writing catalyst?

The main catalyst was a strong desire to participate in culture. I have always been tremendously interested in “broadly understood” culture, but I was not a creator. I am very happy that I finally showed my poems to a wider audience. The other catalyst was the film “Artist“, made by my friend, filmmaker Marcin Biegański. I believe that film may be inspirational for every artist.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your writing process?

The idea for a poem topic is of great significance. I need to know earlier – what to write and how to write every poem. Inspirational ideas come sometimes in unexpected moments, so I always keep track of them in the notepad for future usage. Notes are a significant part of the writing process. I also try to write at least three times per week to keep my routine.

  1. What would you say is most fulfilling about writing?

The most fulfilling is the feeling of a different, unique state of mind. Writing poetry is the form of the intellectual journey for me. I also feel a spiritual connection with other writers – no matter if they are dead or alive.

  1. Does the addition of imagery help to tell your story?

Yes, of course. Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” I totally agree with that statement.

  1. What is your favorite reading genre?

Division for the reading genre is not so clear nowadays. There are good and bad books. I read a lot but trying to choose just the splendid literature.

  1. What human being has inspired you the most?

Depending on what area of life are we talking about. As for prose literature, I admire the legacy of all the honorable worldwide influential writers. As for poetry – I live happily in Poland – a country so rich with the tradition of talented poets, so it is not possible to mention all of them. Just may give my special respect to Bolesław Leśmian, Zbigniew Herbert and the songwriter Przemysław Gintrowski.

  1. What message would you have for the Spillwords Press community that voted for you?

I am so grateful and happy thanks to your votes. Keep still looking for the great verses and live your life fully. Remember about work-life balance. Look for your passions. Stay calm, smile a lot, and fall in love if you can! Regards.

  1. What would you like your legacy as a writer to be?

I would like to be remembered as an ambitious, talented poet and a good human. I want people not to forget my smile and some of my verses. Writing, gives some sort of immortality, so as Horace said “Non omnis moriar.

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