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Water’s Story

Water’s Story

written by: TM Arko



I once was pure
Flowing from the heavens
In the early morning of creation
Upon the newborn earth
Like a liquid virgin I rushed
Over the building blocks of the world’s landscapes
Underground through dark caverns
Thirsty aquifers
In the ancient sunlight
I was the giver of life
To humanity and all the beast
On snow powdered plains,
Dank damp forests
and misty jungles
Crying upon the deep blue seas
I cleansed and cooled the burning sands
I created the garden of Eden
I filled the fruits of temptation
With nutrients
To clear the conscience
In the beginning
I was life
The serum of living blood
The builder of cells
The guardian of embryos
I was the tonic
To keep the earth verdant and renewed
I was the servant
Forced to become the slave
My rivers
Blocked by human consumption
Lakes spoiled
With the poison of industry
My path re-directed through
Galvanized pipes of lead
I was forced into
The houses of waste
I became the great diluter
The carrier of the contaminated
Through the ages I washed away your sins
Without complaint
I have become Aqua Karma
For as I am treated
So I treat in return
Exchanging Life
Disease and Death
I wander the worldly atmosphere
From oceans to skies to clouds
I return
To choking streams and parched ravines
All the doom that man creates
I will carry it back
To your rivers and your lakes
I was once the life blood
The energy
The consciousness of the world
I came to give life
But I have been abused
Wasted and misused
I am no respecter of persons
I take what I am given
I will sicken your children
And kill your aged
I will consume your houses in the flood
For I am water
I came to bless the world
But I am being forced
To destroy it



These thoughts came to me after watching a Nova documentary on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.
We all need to respect and help our water.

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