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The Right Way

The Right Way

written by: Leanne Howard Kenney



Something reminded me of you
And piqued, I sat up straight
As if I knew
You lay next to me
And held my view.

A million skips my heart did beat
As our first
Lips-locked meet,
And I’m hurdling through time
Yet you’re only in my mind.

My mind
You’ll remain
Since all my
Yesterdays could not
Marry my todays and
Were betrayed
When you passed away.

And I could not stay.
But in an ultimate betray
You refused my hand
To take,
Fold me in,
When I six times went astray.
Said. you, “This is not the right way.
This is not yet your day.”

So hungry, here I sit
Wanting, dare I admit?
And will I be
I know not
Until your presence
Dare beckons me.



Leanne Howard Kenney

Leanne Howard Kenney

My name is Leanne Howard Kenney. I am a former speechwriter and press secretary for former San Diego City Councilmember current San Diego County Supervisor, Ron Roberts. I am a former Sportswriter. A former political writer. A former public relations copy writer. A former newspaper reporter. A former . . . Apparently, I am a former writer. Well, that is not quite true. I have been writing poetry on my own for quite a while. And, I have been writing the odd article here and there for my own and my friends' pleasure for years. I started posting my poetry approximately a year ago. Where they came from, I know not. I am just glad they came. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.
Leanne Howard Kenney

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