Passing Through The Desert, poetry by Milisav Rosić at
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Passing Through The Desert

Passing Through the Desert

written by: Milisav Rosić


In silence
The skin turns the touch of a hand
Through the finest velvet
The scent of the morning waves
Along the sandy shore

The color of silence is black and purple
You are like foam in it…

Forbidden by yourself
In the temptation to disappear
You drown in infinity
You get heavenly wings

I like solitude
Without a human tongue and an eye
Like a dry leaf
Fallen in autumn

I indulge in the beauty
of Dying

I am the most beautiful in death I
tear every part of myself I throw
it into the fire

I admire the
Flame growing

I watch myself burn

And who am I when everything is burned

Now I am like the melody
Voice that shapes the
Most Beautiful Paradise Aria…

I became a constant sigh of
Creation and destruction
of Tearing and Assembling

My flesh is moving

Constant aspirations
For the vision of the most beautiful roses
… On the balcony of the
Imaginary City
While the breeze sings a lullaby To
my long hair
Tells the stories of sailors…

This balcony
This night is the last
I’m saying goodbye to you

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