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Innocence Loss

Innocence Loss

written by: Maggie Chatterton



You came to me with child-like naivety,
But agony lurks in the depths of your eyes.
Blood stains your porcelain skin,
Tears glistening on your face
As the once pure snow
Has been tainted against its will.
You cast wide, cheery smiles
To the watching world,
So you can hide the emptiness inside,
Knowing that everyone is judging
Every little thing you do.
You remain hidden beneath
Bundles of clothes with
A pale scarf around your neck
So you can hide from the cold
Despite people insisting that
Winter is months away.
Your heart beats violently
Against its cage,
Yearning to burst forth
And escape from the never ending torment.
Anxiety grips at your throat,
Pulsing like a raw nerve,
Twisting and coiling
Like a snake ready to strike.
You struggle to embrace yourself
As you had when you
Were as pure as the driven snow.



“Innocence Loss” is a poem from my third poetry collection called This Bond.

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