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Pain Most Human

written by: Maggie Chatterton



Pain's sweet delirium
Calls to me, kissing every scar
As if they're delicate flowers
That needs to be milked of its nectar.
But there's something else
Beckoning me to its side,
Begging me to not give up.
I cannot decide which call to heed
When the delirium of pain
Has always embraced me
Without judgment, without regret.
How can I choose,
Between the comfort and the unknown?

Maggie Chatterton

Maggie Chatterton

Maggie Chatterton made her debut as a poet in February 2015 with the collection This Lullaby. Her second collection, This Madness, is set to be released July 6th.
She writes poems to vent her emotions and thoughts. But most of all, she write because it's what she loves to do.
Maggie Chatterton

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