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written by: Josie Dee



Words, words, words;

An ambivalent love affair with language
Twisting and turning in semiotic delight,
Escaping the definition of interpretation of the everyday, the mundane and the monotonous,
Trying to break the multi-syllabic montage of the necessity to understand.
Without words, would actions have little meaning?
If so how can actions speak louder than words?

Words, words, words;
Semantic scribbling a with hypocritic hypnosis.
A desire.
A drive.
A need to know and to interpret,
We are to fulfill this anthropomorphic scripture,
Which — once spoken — becomes a feeling or the need to feel.
Is the written word so powerful it defines, destroys and delights, so terrible, so comforting.

Words create, destroy, they are consequence and action in a single dimension
Words are your dimension, they impose, yet they’re free.
Words, are gossamer threads to our deepest desires for survival and understanding.

Words, words, words;
I hold a fear, an aversion so strong.
To capture a feeling, a moment, an action in words,
Written or spoken, what is to become of this?
Once our imagination becomes scripted it sets in stone,
It is real.
It becomes an action, and thought turned to action becomes real.
Can you breathe life, meaning or consequence into thought and it remain a fantasy?


Once described the power of the fear has gone. Is gone.
The anxiety of what’s to follow, is strong.
It is real enough.
The consequence of these words means the power is gone from the fear,
The consequence of these words give power to the fantasy.

Words, words, words.
Make me.

They are my pain, my hope, my future and my past.
Words are now and never.
I fear them and their necessity,
But above all; despite my intoxicated fears,
I love their ambiguity, their fluidity and their structure
I love their certainty, their homeliness and above all
I love their hope.

Words, words, words;
What do you mean to me?

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