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Loved, poetry written by Josie Dee at


Loved written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   I can feel her hands rest calmly on my shaking shoulders The tension taking twists and turns under my skin ...
Not Okay, poetry written by Josie Dee at

Not Okay

Not Okay written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   It's not okay to just grab us, Not okay to wade on in, To pace and parade across our path, With hard e...
Waiting written by Josie Dee at


Waiting written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   The stories that spin Weaving, woven, wondering and repeat In the waiting in the silent din Whispers, wor...
Dreams written by Josie Dee at


Dreams written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   Taking solace In passing clouds Each wisp whispers Running through the sky Chasing blue Searching for su...
Not Done Yet written by Josie Dee at

Not Done Yet

Not Done Yet written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   It’s been a while since I put pen to page Fighting the darkness on each step of the way I’m making gr...
Wordsmith written by Josie Dee at


Wordsmith written by: Josie Dee @Josi3_dee   Words, words, words; An ambivalent love affair with language Twisting and turning in semiotic deligh...
Josie Dee

Josie Dee

Since 2012 I have written plays using Shakespeare's language and framework to create new adaptations of his work for a touring theatre company.