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Taking Time

Taking Time

written by: Josie Dee



Time stands still, but the world rushes by
She waits and wonders, no longer can she cry
She pushes for time, she pulls back the world
Longing for comfort as her fears unfurl

She feels her mind race as her heart stops a beat
Chasing the world, turning, her tumbling thoughts retreat
She looks to the sky for the hope of a cloud
A reason to feel darkness and speak her fears aloud

She glances at the floor as her stomach falls and flips
That falling feeling engulfs in a second, but the ground is solid where she sits
She’s chasing time as she just sits
Chasing through memories and the bitter ‘what if’

Time rushes by but the world has stopped
She waits and she wonders if she can change the plot
Taking memories in hand, she wrestles them away
Looking to the blue sky to find hope in some way

Twisting her thoughts back into their cage
She takes time by the hand, looking to make a change
She hates these moments, how they fleet and they fall
From one second to the next – like they never were at all

As time and the world fall into their stride
She trips back in sync not choosing to hide
Linking fingers with time – stepping up, stepping on
Destiny is waiting, it’s time to move on.

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