Another's Eyes, a poem by Leanne Howard Kenney at
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Another’s Eyes

Another’s Eyes

written by: Leanne Howard Kenney



In another’s eyes
I look weak and frail.

In another’s eyes
I could look sad or scorned.

In another’s eyes
You see a life unlived.


I see a girl
Who had no fear.
Who one day would stand 5-foot, 10-inches tall
And lived her dream
At college
In her career
And with the one she promised to love and to cherish.
And the crazy thing is,
She is still making it.


In another’s eyes I could never be alluring.
True beauty does not sit on wheels.

“She is pretty for her kind,”
I have heard them say.

“But, she gets the best parking
And can board first on an aeroplane.”

In another’s eyes,
I am the lucky one.


In another’s eyes
Don’t stare,
Don’t touch,
Don’t look,
And, for heavens sake, don’t ask.

She doesn’t know she is in a chair today.
Don’t point it out,
She might find out.


In another’s eyes
my life has to be over.

In another’s eyes
Pity I see.

In another’s eyes
You’re glad it is not you it is me.


I am glad it is not you and that it is me.
For I realize
It cannot always be
Someone else.
Sometimes it has to be




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