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written by: Cornelia Paun Heinzel


Every moment has its own meaning, significance,
For me, for you, for him.
In every moment there is an action important
For me, for you, for him.
Time is always crucial,
For me, for you, for him.
Any moment can forever change your life, mine, his,
Today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, forever.
For a brief moment, you can be a king,
Over me, over you, over him,
In a moment, you can lose,
Everything, a little or nothing …

Cornelia Paun Heinzel

Cornelia Paun Heinzel

Cornelia Păun Heinzel is a romanien writer, journalist, member of International Press, professor Ph.D. in Robotics.
Ph. D. Cornelia Păun Heinzel debuted as a writer in the review "Asymetria" France and as poet in "AGERO Stuttgart" Germany, as collaborator of the magazine and Press Agencies' ACES OF ROMANIA "NURNBERG. She is a member of Press TRANSATLANTIC, of Union Hispanomondial of Writers and POETAS DEL MUNDO, writer and collaborator to reviews of USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Malaysia, France, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Albania, Australia, Portugal, Island, Denmark, Belgium, Romania.
She has published six books and over 200 articles, both in her country and abroad, including poems in French, German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish...
Cornelia Paun Heinzel

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