Abandon all hope written by Camille at Spillwords.com

Abandon All Hope

Abandon all hope

written by: Camille



Will you abandon all hope whilst blood still courses through your veins?
Will you open your mouth to the force fed propaganda swallowed readily by the masses?
Drink from the goblet of lies to sit like a cesspool in your stomach, a stench of rot and decay.
Cross the road to avoid the homeless girl as she counts her pennies, her cold dark hell a kinder place than the horror she avoids.
What do you know as you protest of hardship and horror and pain in the comfort of your four walls?
Emotionally devoid – they’ve seen to that. Comfortably numb in your own small world.
Immersed in triviality and lifted fleetingly by material niceties, averting your gaze from all that leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
Do you feel fulfilled brother, as you watch the destruction in far off lands?
Do you not feel sick to your stomach as you turn your gaze from the images on the screen of man destroyed – their bodies lifeless and broken – in the name of war and power and religion.
Do you sleep soundly in your bed with the belief that you are in control?
Wake up!…You were not born to this world to close your eyes to all that unnerves you.
You think you are safe in your small kingdom – untouchable.
But the ugliness will fill every pore of your being and you will flounder in a sea of guilt that will become a madness that will eat you from within until you too lie broken.

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