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Before You Went Away

Before You Went Away

written by: Arya Bhandare


I remember us,
Waiting on the subway platform having a brief talk,
I’d wish to lend an ear.
I took for granted beloved moments,
And now gone are those years.

As we’d never exchange a dialogue,
I was too afraid to speak,
I stay silenced and you’d never glance,
To the depth of the deep, deep silence,
Our world had collapsed.

Only if I knew I’d never hear your voice again,
I would have boundlessly talk, till the world
around you passes by, until the sundown
beneath the lilac sky.

A year ago, when the falling doesn’t stop,
To stand up on your feet again, you’d say,
So, once you’ve finally hit the rock bottom,
You’ll get closer to what you once had seen so
far away.

Sometimes I may need it so,
I’ve reached out to you, once again,
there are no words to describe,
How to love the ones you lost at the end.

If I had only known that you’d move on,
So many things I never got to say,
I’d tell you, nobody has the kind of warmth
that I feel for you, and steal every moment
before you went away.

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