Thursday Night Football written by Forrest Whitaker at

Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football

written by: Forrest Whitaker


How many people in this room  – Have ever had one of those days – When everything just…

Starts out wrong – Wrong side of the bed – Wrong side of the pillow – Whatever!

Put your hands up! What is your answer?

That’s what I thought! Every one of you!

Now when the world pulls that game with me? I’m gonna tell you what I do…

I savour it!

That’s right!

Savour it!

Now let me tell you why – Because you aren’t going anywhere – Any time soon – Without a struggle – Without a fight! Without people doubting you! Questioning you! Trying to keep you down!

Too many of you don’t realize that – But what’s the point of succeeding – If succeeding is easy?

I never got that!

Never understood people Who wished they were born rich – Never understood athletes Who just wanted to join the best teams…

Build you own business!

Start your own dynasty!

A good start to a day is easy…

I want no part of easy!

I want the struggle! I want the fight! I want the pain!

And then I want – The best – Feeling – Of all!

The feeling – That the world – Did everything it could – To beat – Me!

But I won!



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