Tea For Two, poetry by Arya Bhandare at Spillwords.com
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Tea For Two

Tea For Two

written by: Arya Bhandare


In the cafeteria, all alone I stood,
As everyone else had left for good,
But then I heard a voice so kind,
A friendly face was hard to find.

It was him with tea and cookie sweet,
A gesture that was hard to beat,
I hesitated, but he insisted so,
With his smile, how could I say no?

We sat together, just us two,
Drinking tea and talking anew,
As time passed by, love bloomed between,
A moment so pure, yet unseen.

Oh, how the world seemed so bright,
With him by my side that night,
The only company that I did need,
Was his love, a precious seed.

But alas, like all good things do,
Our tea time ended, and we bid adieu,
But the memory lingers, oh so sweet,
Of that moment in time, our hearts did meet.

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