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written by: Dan Leicht



Two squirrels are fighting over the last acorn
the winner will get to bury it the loser will forget about it
and move on
the winner will be looking for it come the spring
and be disappointed to discover he’s lost it.
In this instance the loser has won.

A child tries to feed the ducks
but geese keep getting in the way
the geese are mean
large and mean and cruel
the child doesn’t want to feed the geese but he is scared
so the geese get all the food and the ducks go hungry.
The ducks go hungry even though they are not afraid of the geese.

It’s spring.
The acorn has sprouted. It’s in disguise as something new.
The squirrel will never find it. Incognito.

It’s spring and the ducks have returned. The geese are running late.
Quickly. Quickly feed the ducks
they’re starving.

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