Waiting Between Pages, poetry written by Dan Leicht at Spillwords.com

Waiting Between Pages

Waiting Between Pages

written by: Dan Leicht



Every now and then I get to thinking about it
about how the world is ever changing
right outside the window
and yet I can sit in total silence not experiencing a single bit of it
How can that be?

It doesn’t seem fair
What am I doing to get out there?
Certainly, sitting here squandering time won’t do me any good
out there is where it’s all happening
unless I open a book and learn from the experiences of others

time between the pages of a book is never wasted
this I know
this I have come to appreciate
printed on the page in particular order
edited to one’s perception of perfection

is the world through the eyes of another
whether it be a fictional someone or true feelings
it’s all there waiting to be discovered
it’s always been waiting
it will always be waiting

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