October Melody, poetry by Anahit Arustamyan at Spillwords.com

October Melody

October Melody

written by: Anahit Arustamyan



My fairy tale is on the canvas.
I had it in my gone days.
Illusions dance in October rains,
I don’t know what happens.
My fairy tale doesn’t travel.
It’s painted with autumn paint.
Maybe my eyes travel.
My eyes see the illusion shades.
I hear the melody of October.
I have heard it for so many years.
Here is my fairy tale on the canvas,
but I am a stranger there.
There is something I can tell October.
What about? I don’t know yet.
My gone days no longer travel.
They may be hidden somewhere.
However, I don’t know where.
What happens?
Am I a stranger in my fairy tale?
October melody travels.
Maybe it knows all my steps.
October melody travels
and changes the colours and shapes.

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