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A Walk In Search Of A Smile

written by: Girl wanna write



I want to pour out my feelings
I want to share
I want to cry out
I want to be honest
Share my feelings
Feelings which are enormous
Overflowing emotions
Which are no slave...but waiting for my consent
Consent which is stopping to let them flow
It's holding me back
Back in the dark
Where there is no ray
A ray which perhaps may carry hope
Hope that everything is good
Things around me are good
Life is beautiful but it is hard for me
Hard to believe at this moment
Moment where everything seems so ugly
Lost in the groove of nowhere
A wandering mind
Shrieking shouting & searching
Searching for something
Something which can bring back the smile
Smile which is all that is required to be happy

Girl wanna write

Girl wanna write

A young HR leader with a dream to publish a book some day
Girl wanna write

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