The Girl With No Name, written by Girl wanna write at

The Girl With No Name

The Girl With No Name

written by: Girl wanna write



A girl stood tall near the stall
Shivering & cuddling in her own arms
Often seen her at the same place
Her eyes talk, carry all the grace
The twinkle in her eyes; The knots in her hair
Remind those grandiose trees that let the rays bathe the leaves, branches
& wash the knots on the bark
Every day I see her in a wink of an eye
Then I am gone and she is still there
See myriads of things in that glance
Weaved in my own struggles
The days pass, spring in
Same place same grace
The pull to stop by, more to just say hi
Stranger by name but a known essence
Walked by her, saw her eyes in pain
Asked her, her name, she nodded
She was the girl with no name

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