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Reasons For Change

written by: Aida


There are always reasons
why we change seasons
The reason that changes day
to night and days to months
and years, why it unfolds.

I find reasons why we have
to prepare for the new year.
To stretches ahead with new
experiences and adventures,
new friends and fresh opportunities.

To embrace new, start cleansing,
from throwing old and broken
stuff... before making plans
ahead, make a serious
self-evaluation to start anew.

And in order to see what
needs to get rid of.. like
old habits, doubts, guilts,
regrets over past failures
and sin stained heart.

It constantly changes
moods, decisions, opinions
characters, depending on
every situation and persons but,
still promises to do what’s best.



Retired Special education school teacher in Public school. After I became disabled, I became passionate with prose and poetry as therapy. I published children’s books and anthologies with group of poets. I even joined 24 hours challenge writing poetry with prompt every hour.

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