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Hit Me Hard

written by: Alfred Orero



I am not violence,
I am discipline,
I am not pain,
I am sacrifice.

Hit me hard and make me move,
Hit me hard and see me move.

I will not stop.
I will only leave,
If you ask me to.

Hit me hard and make me remember,
Who I am.

Alfred Orero

Alfred Orero

ALFRED ORERO is a Kenyan author of exciting contemporary romance and witty poetry. He’s a lastborn son, statistician, poet and a sports enthusiast. He does his best writing in planes, in his house on slow weekends and in faraway destinations that he likes to keep secret. Alfred loves to play intimate storyteller, taking his readers to places where a lot that is unthinkable here on earth is possible. His poems derive their power and influence from the freedom he gives words when he writes them. Alfred gives new angles to stories and unleashes creativity in the reader too, as he challenges them to understand why the multiverse might be a thing after all. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where when he is not writing, he makes numbers and data tell stories.
Alfred Orero

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