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New Year's Reflections

written by: Jacob Damstra



As the final calendar pages fall away
Like the sun setting to end the day
These last days, like the calmness of night
Grant us pause, to consider wrong and right
We often look ahead with hopeful eyes
But fail to reflect with deserved pride
The goals we set at New Year’s time
Unimportant if never realized
So instead of the future, look to the past
Rewind and replay a year gone so fast
Our lessons learned are useless if forgotten
Triumphs and failures we must recall them
if not, every effort was wasted
Any success or error faded
Into darkness, into nothingness
We each have cause and chance to avoid this
By taking stock of where we’re at
What we know about this and that
How we’ve lived and what we’ve learned
Over the previous year of lessons hard-earned
Goals are important but gratitude is more
And to be thankful for what is yours
Is a better way to spend these days
Than resolutions you’ll forget anyways

Jacob Damstra

Jacob Damstra

Jacob is a father of three, a litigation lawyer, a coach, a volunteer, a writer, and a poet. He is the co-founder and co-contributer of a blog called Contemplations, which shares thoughts, advice, and reflections on Personal Growth & Practical Philosophy, Professional Development & Career Advice, and Parenting & Relationships, as well as a poem or poetic prose.
Jacob Damstra

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