Survival I, written by Jacob Damstra at

Survival I

Survival I

written by: Jacob Damstra



A new myth has arrived
same same, but different.
We all carry on our lives
without so much as a thought
about the time passing by.
And for the better, I think,
not to be paralyzed
by that which we cannot control.
Still, to ignore is to risk ignorance;
to be ignorant is to sacrifice
any control one might have had.
Acknowledging the changing days
is, perhaps, a better way.
Noticing days pass into weeks,
weeks pass into months,
months pass into years,
and beyond – so it goes.
Same same, but different;
though not only the seasons change.

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Jacob Damstra

Jacob Damstra

Jacob is a father of three, a litigation lawyer, a coach, a volunteer, a writer, and a poet. He is the co-founder and co-contributer of a blog called Contemplations, which shares thoughts, advice, and reflections on Personal Growth & Practical Philosophy, Professional Development & Career Advice, and Parenting & Relationships, as well as a poem or poetic prose.
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