THE GLASS WALL by Ayushman Jamwal at



written by: Ayushman Jamwal



I see all of you just a breath away,
No lifeless sand in my veins today,
Only a glimpse of sanctuary before nightfall,
I kneel defeated before this glass wall.

I may drift blissfully under your eyes,
So close, yet a stranger with no goodbyes,
A faith in destiny just to seem tall,
As I feel eternity in every inch of this glass wall.

A gentle heart & words are all I am,
Human clay that can barely withstand,
Compassion only in what I recall,
Yet I decay patiently behind this glass wall.

My wings tremble with regret,
I bury the will to fly away and forget,
The virtue of hope only makes me small,
I stare at all my fear in this glass wall.

Time to shed this visage for a new start,
There’s dwindling inspiration in coming apart,
I grow weary of your smile at this masquerade ball,
Yet still I wonder,

Can I walk away from this glass wall?

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