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written by: Ibrahim “dreezy” Idris


All I see is beautiful people
With assorted gifts
Some of my friends
And others I just meet
Some trending on the dance floor
Some spread wings of melodies
Swaying hearts as they sing
And I’ve seen the blind walk
Without a stick
With the deaf talk
By gestural means
A stunning prowess
Overwhelming to unperceive 
More of the astounding
Is how we rise to our peak
Through circumstances
We never wished

Occurring to me
Is how we strive
To reach the crest
Neglecting our endowments
As we have been moulded
With clay of honor
And transcended
To be the prime of beings
All this given to us
By a lord unseen

Everyday is the same
To see the news again
People making impacts
Giving me matters
Upon which I excogitate
Popping the question
Where is my own place
From those who operate
On patients with no fate
And one who placed on us
The platform to interact
Regardless of race
Those who combated the savage
To make sure our lands are safe
And their names are engraved
On stones of the great

So I write today again
And it’s a miracle
For me to conjoin syllables
And turn them to writings
Of things, I can’t see or hold
And what I would have longed
To be my own
How much of a fortune
They cross my thoughts
Falling like droplets
In a sequence undisturbed
Enriching my mind
With a treasure of words
For me to pass messages
Etched with more than ink
But with tears and blood

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