A Happenstance of Fate, a poem by Karima Hoisan at Spillwords.com
Nojan Namdar

Happenstance of Fate

Happenstance of Fate

written by: Karima Hoisan


Maybe I planted a seedling without knowing I did or why.
How fertile was the untouched ground, how blue the sky!
Could it be that the wind was not in error just mistaken,
when it carried that little pip to take root alone, forsaken?

When the heart is suddenly poured from the inside out,
Chambers empty and make room for love to roam about.
Even flood gates open tears if too much awe’s allowed,
The young seed grows with every burst of the heart’s rain cloud.

I never asked for a garden; I was content to touch or smell a rose.
I believed in the least resistance, for soul’s sweet surrender knows.
I never tried to stop a freight train, rolling towards me on the track.
I made silent wishes to be loved, but in the next breath, took them back.

What is the Artist painting on his hidden canvas by the sea?
Anyone you recognize? Anyone that looks a bit like you or me?
Ah, he seems to be painting a still-life as he sits patiently to wait
for this singular bloom to finally flower his happenstance of fate.

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