Rain Forest Balcony, poetry by Karima Hoisan at Spillwords.com
Dennis Michel

Rain Forest Balcony

Rain Forest Balcony

written & performed by: Karima Hoisan


The booming bark of nearby howler monkeys,
announce the day.
Soprano giggling parakeets, against an ocean backdrop,
fly away.

African Palms growing their oil nuts bigger,
by the hour,
guava trees and water apples bursting into
flaunting flower,

Soon it will be breakfast for all the creatures
of this land.
They will come swinging, flying or crawling their way
in roving bands.

Green snake eats red frog and red frog eats
blue fly.
Black Vultures circle patiently over where
the losers die.

Emerald shades, all colored hues with luscious
ripened pungency
Cicadas, reach an annoying air raid pitch
of insect-crazed redundancy

Life submits to itself and there is no right
or wrong,
on the rain forest edge, this hot and humid hour
after dawn.

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