Stop The Night, poetry by Karima Hoisan at
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Stop The Night

Stop The Night

written by: Karima Hoisan


Stop the night from breaking into dawn.
I need the darkness comforting our bed.
Soon our serene security will be gone,
when pale orange hues push out through new day’s red.

The night, a sea, as we survivors float
clinging to each other we are saved.
We don’t remember falling off the boat,
but praise the fates for tossing us to waves.

Horizon’s dipping towards us and we see
too clearly in the slicing knife of light,
that what we wish for, can not ever be
except in dreams that fill our sleeping sight.

The muse you, more real than the truth…
the real you, so sad as we hold on,
we hear the ticking as we lose our youth
and beg to stay awhile with curtains drawn.

My undead soul repulsed by rising sun,
steals now the shroud of memories you hold
then wraps all my desires into one,
that days, without you, never more unfold.

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