October's Tale, poetry by Linda Dobinson at Spillwords.com
Thomas Millot

October’s Tale

October’s Tale

written by: Linda Dobinson



October came to tell a tale
and now she is about to close the door.
she told a tale of gentle rain
that washed the green off the leaves
turning them bright red and gold
making them flicker like fire in the breeze.
Then she told of ruby red berries
on bushes and trees,
and late flowers’ nectar
for butterflies and bees.
Into her tale she wove misty mornings
all quiet and still,
the wind too sleepy to blow.
She whispered of spiders
all speckly that scared us.
We didn’t like that bit at all!
She warned us about pumpkins
that grin and glow,
and little monsters that knock at the door –
they trick if they don’t get a treat.
And now that her tale
like a web has been spun,
she’ll call up the wind and off she’ll sail.

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