Brown Eyed Girl, poetry written by Linda M. Crate at

Brown Eyed Girl

brown eyed girl

written by: Linda M. Crate



i remember once
upon a time
i was jealous of your blue eyes,
and i remember when
you mocked my brown eyes;
saying you would hate
to have them—
took me a long time for me to love
myself and my eyes again,
but your eyes were no sapphires or oceans
or skies just pale and boring and dull;
and my dark eyes are the color
of life giving roots and soils which bring forth
new flowers of many splendid hues—
my eyes are the color of trees,
coffee beans,
and cocoa;
my eyes are the color of joy
yours are just a color easily forgotten—
i no longer hate my eyes
just loathe the fact that someone like you
could get into my head and pour salt onto my wounds.

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