It Was Never My Fault, poetry by Linda M. Crate at
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It Was Never My Fault

It Was Never My Fault

written by: Linda M. Crate



they told me you’d change toward me
when my sister was born,
i refused to believe them;

told them that’d
never happen—

but you betrayed me
like they said you would,
you’d shower her with love
so effortlessly;

when you made it feel like
it was a chore to love me

& it hurt me so bad
that i stopped speaking because
it felt like my words
didn’t matter

only she did—

i don’t know why i wasn’t good enough,
but i tried so hard to make you love me;
i wanted so desperately to be loved—

could you hear my heart screaming?
did you hear my heart in the words
i couldn’t speak?

and, i still love you,
even through all the chaos
and the aching and the hurt;
i never blamed my sister and i never
blamed you but whose fault could it be?

it was never my fault,
because you should have loved me
and you shouldn’t have made me feel like
there was something wrong with me
for wanting to be loved
and respected and treated like a person
not a burden.

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