3am Heartbeat, a poem by Elizabeth Hilsch at Spillwords.com
David Cohen

3am Heartbeat

3am Heartbeat

written by: Elizabeth Hilsch


Sometimes I can’t sleep,
I know you think that’s not true,
I struggle to switch off, to tune out,
Just like I know you do.

It’s 3am and I am widest awake,
I listen for your heartbeat,
I count your breaths,
Find your hand with mine between the sheets.

I fit in behind you,
Bury my face in your hair,
You smell like you always do,
You’re warm and soft and unaware.

I’m not always strong, you know,
Quite often I feel so small,
You are the place that I feel safe,
Your sleeping body answering my call.

My soul parallel with yours now,
A dull electrical hum,
The dark, quiet union of us,
When sleep forgets to come.



I think the best parts of love are found in the quiet moments like sitting together in the sunshine or lying in bed. Being able to exist beside someone who knows you inside and out is a love just as valid as the exciting new love at the start of a relationship.

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