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On Atara Street

written by: TM Arko


Summer days were
As we played
Through the magic ages
The sound of the
In those days when rock and roll
Was young
We slept
In the sacred night
By the angels
The silence of simplicity
Blue skies still existed
The front lawn
Was our comforting
The canned laughter
Black and white televisions
Escaped from the open windows
On those hot
Dusky evenings
Flying our bikes
Down to the penny store
For gum and two cent candy
Cherry cola
At the long counter and nickel songs
On the juke box
In those days when rock and roll
Was young
The Beach Boys
Jan and Dean
The lads from Liverpool
On Ed Sullivan
February 9th 1964
While we imagined
And loved
When we still sat around
The dinner table
In those days when rock and roll
Was young
On Atara street
Still I wonder
Could it ever
Be like that again

TM Arko

TM Arko

I live in the Pacific Northwest. A small community with farms and antique shops. Lots of rivers and lakes and these are some of the themes I like. I am a technical writer by trade so poetry offers me an escape from the more mundane industrial articles I work on day to day. I love music and am a classic rock fanatic. Love good books and stories too.
TM Arko

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