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Evie S

White Feathers

White Feathers

written by: Sinead McGuigan



Let me tell you a story held in the wind,
a voice with no education, no free will.
To speak for those who cannot reach,
beyond the dirt beneath their feet.
I broke the silence, screamed to the sky,
to highlight the torment of so many lives.
Innocent girls with white angel wings,
cut down and passed through evil rings.
Trafficked, used thrown aside,
exploited, abused, wounded or killed
Behind their eyes lived waves of dreams,
crashing to the silence of their screams.
Salty tears filled ocean’s wide
emerging silhouettes, wings that cry.
I was washed up on the golden sands,
rescued from their cruel demands.
I will tell you a story of a girl,
she had no name, no future life.
Under stormy skies she cries in rage,
to clear the horrors from her sight.
But when the storm is quiet and chilled,
she fights to help those tortured screams
We hear those voices in the wind,
don’t turn a blind eye to their dreams.
I am a girl with floating eyes,
white feathers keep me safe and alive.

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