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The High Road

written by: Connor Ball


The world is going to end and there will be no way to bring it back this is fact there is no reason to try to fight back cut the crap.

What if the high road is really the low road?

If I let you continue living your life thinking what you did was okay is that worse?

What if everyone but the world realizes you were wrong?

And the world doesn't do anything?

I want to leave a message on the voicemail of God.

I wonder which iPhone he has.

These are the important things in our lives... why not apply them to everything?

Am I responsible for payback for forgotten grievances?

Caught between paying it back and paying it forward.

Caught between a tide of revenge and a sea of forgiveness.

Trying to reach those who were never caught.

Connor Ball

Connor Ball

My name is Connor Ball, a highschool sophomore. I've been writing like this for about six months now. Writing like this has kept me going more than a few times.
Connor Ball

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