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10 Reasons, Why Our Life Is Dark?

written by: Shreya Das


1. You go outside and most of the people are looking into their phones instead of each other's eyes.
2. When you speak the truth and speak how you feel, you get ignored by others.
3. Here, people sending friend requests but nobody is talking to each other, no one is getting to know one another as people.
4. People talk about love, peace and understanding but they aren’t ready to give any of these, instead they discriminate those who are different from them.
5. We are the only species to keep ruining things and the planet we are living on.
6. There are more people feeling lonely these days because other people won’t give them a chance because they are true, honest and unique, and because bullying still continues.
7. People care more about how you look than how you feel. Because “Body shaming” is more important than self-betterment.
8. The health system wants to fill you up with pills to make you worse than how you are.
9. Because here “mentally ill” means the person is mad, instead of loving them we keep on bullying and why this topic will still remain a taboo.
10. We always choose “Quantity over quality”

This is why our life is dark!

Shreya Das

Shreya Das

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Shreya Das

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