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written by: The Jade Den


I fell awoken
That’s a lie,
but hey,
I tried.

And isn’t that what they tell you?
try, try, try,
before you know it
times gone bye.

You don’t feel you’ve actually tried,
but here you are.
You’ve gone so far.
You missed it though,
You tried too hard.

You were so busy,
trying to get ahead
now look here
you’re almost dead.

Life moves even when you don’t try.
There is the secret,
I wouldn’t lie.

Try to learn
from the words I’ve spoken,
And perhaps
you too will soon be awoken.

The Jade Den

The Jade Den

I needed an outlet for some of my creative ideas. I like to think about the complexities of human existence and the turmoil within us all.
The Jade Den

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