I'm In Love With A Witch, written by Francesco Abate at Spillwords.com

I’m In Love With A Witch

I’m In Love With A Witch

written by: Francesco Abate



The smell of the night
fills my lungs
and I’m lost in a forest
without light,
without hope.
Bats fly over my head
and wolves follow
all the traces of my fear
without end,
without rest.
Two eyes shoot their blueness
against my face
and I lose my soul in a night
trapped by a witch,
closed in a gold jail.
My flesh is just a slave
of her cold touch
and I feel the flames of sin:
save me from cold;
save me from death.
I’m in love with a witch,
her eyes are a cold chain
that wrap my life forever.
She sings with her red lips
a song of lust and perdition.
I drink her lust filled poison
giving my life to the witch
who captured my spirit.
The night is so long and so black
and I’ll be the hungry wolf
walking by the witch’s side.

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