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Life Is Nothing But A Railway Track

Life is nothing but a railway track

written by: Shreya Das


There’re trains moving swiftly,
And trains moving sluggishly.
On what seems to be
An unending journey.
Though the rails appear
To meet near the horizon.
But will they meet?
There’re platforms for stopping
And reconsidering,
But it’s all about moving.
If you stop for too long,
You’ll become one of the
Goods trains, discarded.
Standing on derelict tracks,
Converting iron into its oxides.
It’s a shame, you see.
There’ll be many tracks
Parallel to you at times,
But don’t hold that mirage too dear
Because they’ll all fade away,
And you’ll be left with
Just one by your side.
Hold on to that.
There’ll be points
When other tracks
Will cross your way,
Will leave a mark,
And separate,
Never to meet again.
But that’s just how it works.
There’ll be times
When your track will branch
Into different paths,
And you’ll have to choose one.
I’m confused, however.
Am I the chooser?
Or the Station Master?
Is it really a choice,
Or a mere illusion of it?

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