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The price of colour

written by: Ameena k.g



I read in the papers 
A young boy and his father,
Under the blanket
Of night,
Hitched a boat, set sail
Across the ocean;
Behind them- the ground 
Waiting, waiting to be
Stepped on and triggered into
(A boy and his father escaped).

Across the ocean,
to a land- the land of the free,
Where freedom comes 
With no price, and life
Is valued.

A young boy and his father
Arrived- thrilled- alive.
Two years down the line-
August 11, 
The newspaper reads;
A young boy shot down
On the street,
The young boy who escaped
To be free,
The young boy thrilled
To live,
Gunned down, for the colour
Of his skin.

Ameena k.g

Ameena k.g

My name's Ameena... I'm a medical student and a self appointed mental health advocate; a black coffee drinker, a school lover, an obsessive thinker and a hearty laugher.

I love a good joke any day and Poetry is my passion.
Ameena k.g

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