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My Roadside Café

my roadside café

written by: Jackson Thomas



…grass & corn & culverts
dust & dreams
you crawl past, again

inside your cage
letting the toc of times tic
slip through your fingers

not even twitching to look
so many of you
on the go

to nowhere
not that you’ve noticed
or seem to care

of course, you think you do
put to task, you’d prove me wrong

but truth be told
-– if, we could ever be honest wit ourselves –-
most of you still live like animals

existence sacrificed
for foraging & dwellings
instinctual & actual

not in the moment but of it
not guiding
but searching, hoping

needing patterns in the chaos
stop searching and sit
stop hoping and help

stop needing – everything…
be more human
less animal

more reflective
less reactive
but… I’ll see you tomorrow

from this roadside cafe
indulging in my decadence
and desolation

while you pass us by
crawling, moment by moment
into our grave

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